Introducing Automated Receipts On Razorpay Payment Pages

Razorpay payment receipts

In a world where online payments are the norm, giving your customers a seamless payment experience has become absolutely essential. Hiccups in the online payment process bring customer drop-offs, which are bad for business in this super-competitive environment.

We, at Razorpay, constantly strive to make payments simpler, smoother, and faster for the benefit of our customers. 

We’re taking a step further in our quest for innovating and creating the finest payment solutions with Automated Payment Pages Receipts.

But before we jump into those details, let’s rewind a little.

What are Payment Pages?

Razorpay Payment Pages enables you to create a page to accept payments without writing a single line of code. You could use a template from the vast array offered by us or customize the page to your liking. 

What’s more: your page will be made to your branding needs and even have a custom URL that reflects your brand! So, whether you have a website or you don’t, you can sell your product and accept payments with your custom payment page. All this and more, enabled in a matter of minutes!

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Why automated Payment Pages Receipts?

Reassuring customers that their payment has gone through successfully is paramount in business. Businesses, therefore, take several steps to ensure timely confirmation of orders received. However, there is no shortage of problems in this regard.

Manual labour across multiple channels

Generally, businesses using Razorpay Payment Pages use their own invoicing mechanisms, generating invoices and receipts based on transaction reports. They download the customers’ names, email addresses and other details, and send the receipts manually via email, phone calls, text messages or Whatsapp. 

Businesses end up hiring individuals to manage their receipts and confirmations. Using multiple channels for confirmation adds to the workload, thereby consuming a lot of man-hours. Hiring more employees just to keep up with receipts simply increases the operational costs of businesses, making the entire process quite expensive.

Loss of customer experience

With manual reconciliation and several means of communication involved, businesses often take a very long time to send out their receipts. In fact, NGOs take up to two months to send 80G receipts to donors.

Moreover, the business also requires a quick confirmation of the successful payment and payer. A lack of instant confirmation on this end further delays the process of sending receipts. All in all, the customer experience remains incomplete until the final receipt arrives.

Data storage woes

Sometimes, customers do not remember the information they have entered as input fields. The situation gets worse if the customer has paid more than once. It can, thus, be extremely difficult for businesses to keep track of unsent receipts.

To counter that, businesses often store customer data and receipt particulars. However, maintaining sheets with such voluminous data is a very cumbersome process. 

In any case, there is an absence of instant confirmation, a lot of manual effort, and some lack of clarity on the customer’s end. A system to churn out instant confirmations with receipts is, therefore, in order.

The solution 

The Automated Payment Pages Receipts feature allows instant receipts to be sent to all your customers instantly when they make payments. As soon as the transaction is successful, the customer instantly gets their receipt via email. 

Here’s how Automated Payment Pages Receipts can make your life easier and operations smoother.

  • Reduced operating costs: you no longer need to hire someone just to send out and keep track of receipts. We’ll do it for you
  • Immediate post-purchase confirmation: The customer receives a receipt instantly after making the payment. No more keeping track of unsent receipts and delayed manual confirmations! 
  • Fewer support queries: With automated receipts, support queries can be avoided as the customer knows exactly what they have purchased, and the amount paid
  • Better for your brand: Instant confirmation to a digital purchase also cements the brand image and trust for all the transacting parties
  • Storage simplified: The Razorpay Dashboard serves as a handy tool when it comes to storing your customers’ details and receipt particulars
  • Tax filing made easy: NGOs no longer need to go fishing into their records for their donors in the tax filing season, when the donors wish to claim tax exemptions. The receipts generated for NGOs with all the claim-related information will be sent to them the moment they donate successfully

A few use cases for Payment Pages Receipts

Accepting donations 

Automated Payment Pages Receipts will ensure that NGOs no longer have to look for donor details to generate 80G-compliant receipts. Donors get an instant receipt with the information they provide, which makes claiming exceptions a breeze.

Payments for homepreneurs

Whether you are a home baker, a tutor, or an artist selling your finest pieces, Payment Pages enable you to take orders and receive payments seamlessly. And, with Automated Payment Pages Receipts, say goodbye to manual order confirmations and unsent receipts!

Take your brick and mortar store online

In times when stepping out of the house is a risky affair, many businesses are setting up shop online. If you have a physical store and want to build an online presence, Payment Pages is here to take away your woes. 

Automated Payment Pages Receipts, further, ensure that you build a robust brand image by enabling instant order confirmation and receipt generation.

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It’s your turn

Excited to try out Automated Payment Pages Receipts for your business? We bet you are.

Haven’t made your payment page yet? Check out our Payment Pages demo and unlock the secret to seamless, hassle-free payments!

Now Collect Payments Faster with Payment Links Reminders

payment links reminders

Here’s an interesting fact: More than 40% of the B2B sales made in India are given on credit! This has been the nature of business in India for a very long time. And it’s not changing anytime soon. The relative or absolute pain of chasing after payments is immense. Almost every business, big or small,  endures this ordeal almost every day.

If it is one thing to close a deal with the ambivalent Indian customer, it is quite another to collect payments from him or her. It often happens that a customer or client leaves the business hanging with unrequited payment requests.

Razorpay Payment Links has been one of our earnest endeavours in trying to solve this problem. Instant links to collect payments instantly! In the last one year, we have seen a tremendous growth of our product with more than 1 crore payment links being created.

While this makes us feel proud about being able to help the smallest of businesses to the mightiest of banks collect hassle-free payments without any coding in a matter of minutes, we also know that getting payments on these links is certainly one of the most daunting challenges for them.

The typical ordeal for an MSME goes like this.

Day 0 – “Hello ma’am, we are so happy you want to buy our service, let me send out a payment link to you right now..”

  • Link sent 

Day 1 – “Hi, I hope you liked our service. Just wanted to check if you are having any difficulties in finding the payment link? Please let me know.”

  • Few days later 

Day 5 – “Hello ma’am, for the service you had used last Friday, we still haven’t received the payment. I have resent the link to you“

  • Business resends the payment link 

Day 6 – “Ma’am, payment is still pending”. To this, the customer says, “Can I pay you by an account transfer or UPI?” The businessman replies, “Of course, you can open the link and do so. I will also send you the account details and UPI ID additionally.”

  • The customer finds it difficult to find the link and sends the money via account transfer
  • The business spends half a day in carrying out the payment reconciliation, using the UTR of the transfer and again calls up to confirm with the customer

This is probably a softer version of what really happens. It is not unheard of for businesses to even send someone over to collect the payment in cash. While some of this is problematic owing to structural and possibly, cultural underpinnings, there is still a window of opportunity for us to deliver more value to our merchants.

Introducing reminders on Razorpay Payment Links

Payment Links will now come with automated reminders, which are orchestrated by the system based on the payment status of the link. These automated reminders will help you do the following:

  • Increase the number of paid invoices and links
  • Reduce cost and manual effort required to collect payments
  • Reduce the number of days taken by your customer to make the payment

You can either schedule the reminders based on the date of sending the payment link, or if you set an expiry to the payment link, you can have the reminders sent before the payment link expires.

“Schedule a reminder 1 day before expiry”
“Schedule a reminder the day after you send the link”

The reminders will be sent on SMS/email or on both.  The reminders will be sent at a time in the day based on our analysis of the payment patterns that we have noticed across a wide range of consumers and industries.

razorpay payment links reminders

Our merchants cited that automated reminders can complement the pursuit process in terms of the number of touchpoints through the collections process (SMSes were cited to have a better impact in this regard.) This can also be of help in nudging customers if they have been issued a link, which they haven’t paid yet. A classic example would be where a customer has expressed interest to buy but hasn’t crossed the threshold to go ahead and make the payment

We already have over a few hundred merchants sending 100,000 reminders using this product, just through organic discovery in the early rollout phase. I would suggest you go ahead and take a crack at it as well.

Yes, we can …get paid faster!

Don’t use Razorpay Payment Links yet? Start collecting payments without a website or app today!

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